Run for Bob Men’s Physical and Mental Health run/walk R U OK?
Run for Bob Men’s Physical and Mental Health run/walk
Run for Bob Men’s Physical and Mental Health run/walk
Run for Bob Men’s Physical and Mental Health run/walk

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Hi everyone, most of you know our story but a brief below – THIS IS A VIRTUAL RUN/WALK. We are organising a Men’s Physical and Mental Health run/walk in honour of my dad that in 2012 we sadly lost to Bowel Cancer, his brother 5 weeks prior to him with bowel cancer also 😞 , then in 2014 the father of my children (now men Jesse 22 Years old and Cody 21 years old) sadly committed suicide, then 2016 a very special Uncle passed away. We have lost many as I know a lot of people have, to Cancer, to heart attack, to stroke, to suicide, to so many things and many way to young to go so we decided to organise this run as awareness of Men’s Physical and Mental health as there is always people left behind to grieve. I nursed my dad until the end and he was one week off 72 years old, way too young and no fault of his at all but maybe I would still have my dad today if he had done the bowel cancer test, I have spoken to so many men over 60 years old and majority of them said they threw the test away when it arrived, pretty sure that’s what my dad done as well, these beautiful people generally have a wife or partner, son’s and daughters, grandson’s and granddaughters, brothers and sisters, mums and dads, even great grandchild. I decided to organise this run in honor of my dad to make awareness of who is left behind, who struggles to get up every single day because they have lost a loved one to cancer, depression/suicide, heart condition, I want ALL men to realise how important they are as a Grandfather, a husband, a dad, a son, a brother, a uncle and even just a person and have regular check ups and also talk and talk more when they are depressed. People love you and need you.

I had a very amazing Psychologist that helped me throughout all of this plus some, i honestly do not know where i would have been without her. I want everyone to realise how talking can help in regards to Physical and Mental health. Please can you spread the word and would love to see you there as this is about the community coming together and supporting everyone. There will be no tshirts etc just would like to raise as much money for R U OK? as possible and make this a annual run/walk with proceeds to go to different support/organisations per year.

We ALL get busy but we should never be too busy to look after ourselves or others.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on kbayley@hotmail.com if you have any further questions or would like to contribute in any way and i really hope you hold the date and i see you there as this is about coming together and helping all.

Men’s Physical and Mental Health run/walk Sunday 27th October 2019 proposed date and all proceeds are going to R U OK?

The Run/Walk will be 5 kms


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